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12 Oct 2012
By : Dubai

On : 2012-10-13 18:20:48

Aiyyaa or Aiyyyoooo - snoring in cinema entertains better!

‘Aiyyyoooo’ – oops Aiyya!! is a badly directed movie - much like a badly constructed street side drama. From the tacky introduction of Meenaxi (Rani) and the rest of the characters forced to look comic – this movie makes no one a winner. Prithviraj in a five minute role – shows promise with some hot numbers.

From the beginning to the end…. you keep yawning and shifting uncomfortably in your seat waiting for something to happen – but nothing simply happens. Producers, director, Rani and the entire team seek inspiration from Dirty Picture and Vidya Balan and come a cropper.

Men will like the raunchy and badly timed songs and women - I presume - will like Prithviraj’s muscles.

Most audience enjoyed the mild snores of a bored watcher which increased progressively in decibels as Aiyyaa progressed. The audience got something real to laugh about – live from the movie hall - the rhythmic snores of this sleeping man.

We have seen two come-back movies in the last seven days viz. English Vinglish and Aiyyaa directed by two Maratha manus and the difference is chalk and cheese. While EV wants you going back to the movie theatre to watch it again, Aiyyaa scares the hell out of you, feeling cheated out of your hard earned Dh35 not to mention the extra pop corn and Krispy Kreme you need to indulge to take your mind off Aiyyoo.

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