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17 May 2013
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After Ishaqzaade, The Yash Raj Films is back again with their hot favourite Arjun Kapoor in the latest release Aurangzeb, that also features a few heavyweights of the industry. The film has been in the news, ever since the first theatrical went online and especially, due to Arjun Kapoor's double duty roles in it. Aurangzeb is interestingly set in land mafia or the upsurge of Gurgaon from a small village on map to India's one of the biggest and fastest growing city.

The story follows Yashvardhan (Jackie Shroff) a real estate developer and his family in Gurgaon known for illegal works, due to Yashvardhan's top crew member Ajay (Arjun Kapoor) who leaves no evidence after a job is done. Rishi Kapoor, who has never donned the cop uniform, will be seen in the police avatar for the first time in the film.

In this cop family versus gangster family tale, Rishi, Prithviraj and Sikandar Kher will seen challenging Jackie, his wife Amrita Singh and son Arjun Kapoor. The police department then capture Ajay and torture him, while they send out Ajay's lookalike, Vishal, to Yashvardhan.

Vishal joins the crew and becomes an informer, while Ajay is being tortured into snitching all of Yashvardhan's business secrets. Arjun is Aurangzeb - the king who puts his throne above kinship. The movie has potential to be a new-age suspense drama, but what's it stored towards the climax? Watch it out to learn more...

Aurangzeb boasts of a well-paced story and is a new take on family rivalry. The movie promises you some genuine thrills, surprises and some really powerful scenes. But, the execution somewhere looks quite unsatisfactory and half-baked. Especially, the second half could have been better and a bit more interesting.

A lot depends on Arjun Kapoor in the film, and like Ishaqzaade, the Kapoor lad does it again. Arjun's menacing and boisterous look in the film, adds up to his impressive perforamance in Aurangzeb.

Jackie Shroff looks a scheming, powerful gangster and excels in his evil role. Rishi Kapoor, who plays the mastermind policeman for whom ambition and supremacy comes first and foremost, is the show stealer in the film.

Prithviraj does complete justice to the role of a calm and reticenting policeman, who rarely loses his balance. Swara Bhaskar delivers a solid performance, and Amrita Singh is a delight onscreen.

The music of the film is composed by Amartya Rahut and Vipin Mishra lyrics penned by Puneet Sharma, Manoj Kumar Nath and Vipin Mishra. Aurangzeb has interesting compositions and the music is well put together, but not an all round soundtrack as it won't appeal to the masses.

Not to deny, Aurangzeb is quite an engaging movie, until a certain point of time, after which you feel deceived due to poor execution. Yet, if you are planning for Aurangazeb this weekend, it won't be a good idea to keep massive expectations from the film.

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