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29 Apr 2016
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Baaghi Review

Baaghi, gives a double dosage of action and strength, as both Tiger Shroff and Shraddha Kapoor are involved in quite a few power-packed scenes. The movie, has shown Shraddha Kapoor in a never seen before fighter look, and the beautiful lady, has a romantic side to her as well.

Tiger and Shraddha, have successfully managed to entertain the audiences with their acting and fighting skills, and will not disappoint you at any instances in the whole movie.

A must watch! No matter if you are an action movie lover or not, Baaghi, is a visual treat to everyone. The movie has romance, action, drama and edge of the seat thrilling scenes.

The plus point of the movie is that it's not predictable at all, and has many new twists which you can never think of! Baaghi gives you 100 percent value for your money! Don't miss this, else you will regret by not watching Bollywood's 'best action film ever'!

It may hurt, but there’s no easy way to say this: Tiger Shroff can break bones with his bare hands, but he doesn’t have the power to emotionally sway viewers.

In the violent romance Baaghi, his acting is as rigid and stiff as his washboard abs. While it is inspiring to watch him demolish his enemies using Kalaripayattu (traditional martial art form from Kerala), the motive behind him going on a rampage is poorly established.

Shroff does a stand-up job of executing hand-to-hand combat moves, but there’s little else to look forward to. If you are looking for an all brawn and no brains feature, then watch Baaghi. Otherwise, it is wise to duck this missile of a movie.

It is the money shot of the film. Whenever we see Tiger doing something that involves his hands, legs, torso, head, all moving in perfect sync, scything up, slashing down, revolving on the balls of his feet, we are watching: it is a pleasure to see this young actor move, no jerk, all flow. When he is in action, that is. When he is ‘acting’, he is still clearly a novice.

Why does a film with a new hero, who can reveal a beautifully muscled chest, and do such jaw-dropping stunts, not go for broke and create freshness all around?

I enjoyed the first half, and yawned through the much-too-long-drawn second.

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