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Besharam (U/A)

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02 Oct 2013
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Ranbir Kapoor as usual is a stunner, a charmer in Besharam. Though he does overacts act times, yet he doesn't fail to make the best of impression in each scene. Pallavi Sharda on the other hand, is not a mere arm candy to Kapoor. Instead, she makes her presence feel and does quite an impressive job.
Rishi Kapoor as the plum cop, is hillarious and funny. But, we fail to see more of Neetu Kapoor, due to the overpowering screen presence of her husband and son in the film
Verdict So Far:
Besharam is fun to watch. So far, it's been fantastic and hillarious in parts. It's a perfect mass entertainer and I hope to get a good tummy full laugh by the climax.

BESHARAM didn't generate the frenzy that one associates with a biggie. Additionally, the songs did not catch on like Ranbir and Abhinav's earlier films. Besides, the promotional material, for some reason, did not catch the fancy as well.

BESHARAM is simplistic, but the real test lies in padding the screenplay with gags, punches and moments that would keep you completely enamoured in those 2.20 hours.

On the whole, this film proves the adage 'All that glitters is not gold' absolutely right. BESHARAM is a huge disappointment!

Besharam, rambunctious and robust, does not offer much by way of narrative novelty. But like Dabangg, it sets a crackling pace and does not flinch from the prospect of going over the edge in its pursuit of cheap thrills.

Watch Besharam primarily for Ranbir Kapoor and the zany climax in an old-world warehouse where the ghosts of many Hindi movie heroes of yore are invoked.

Besharam is terribly unoriginal. It’s a patchwork of references from older Bollywood releases mixed with lots of vintage Bollywood sensibility from the ’80s.

If Besharam had to woo audiences by relying upon its appalling script, dull dialogues, forgettable supporting cast, terrible soundtrack and Ranbir Kapoor, the film would be unwatchable.

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