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Bhindi Bazaar Inc

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17 Jun 2011
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Bhindi Bazaar INC by director Ankush Bhatt continues the legacy of the gangster movies genre. Right from Deewaar to the recent Once Upon A Time In Mumbai, the portrayal of underworld has been presented most convincingly in these films. However, Bhindi Bazaar INC, doesn't really shows the tarnished world, but it definitely gives you a tour of that dark streets, which deal with those shady men and shady deals.

The hunger for power, game of one-upmanship, carnage and massacre, Bhindi Bazaar INC gives you everything that a gangster movies should have. Mamu (Pavan Malhotra) is the title of the mafia-head of Bhindi Bazaar. Years ago, Mamu snatched the reign from someone, the same will also happen to Mamu, but who will snatch his kingship from him is the big question.

The film begin with a game of chess between Shroff (Kay Kay) and Tez (Gautham). Each move on the chess board unfolds the story. It starts with Fateh (Prashant Narayanan) and Tez entering Mamu's gang and continues with Fateh backstabing Mamu and grabing his title. But the journey from a small-time crook to Mamu isn't easy. Betrayals, deceits, treachery and vengeance are a part of this journey.

Plus Points

The effortless knitting of the game of chess and the game of gangster in the film is what sets the film apart. All the credit goes to director Ankush Bhatt and the writer. Bhindi Baazaar INC, however is not for faint-hearted people. Here human life doesn't matter, language spoken is acidic and bold, loaded with curses. One needs to be strong to absorb Bhindi Bazaar.

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