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Creature 3D (U/A)

Audience Review

102 Ratings

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12 Sep 2014
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Please don't waste your money on Creature 3D when you can watch some random lizards in your own house garden for free. We guess, that sums up the movie review for all you readers.

CREATURE is indeed a film which is meant for the masses who yearn for some 'zara hatke' subjects. CREATURE is a good example of what Bollywood is capable of when it comes to vfx heavy films. It surely is a promising start for more sci-fi vfx heavy movies.

Fear definitely has a new face. If you want to get spooked and that too in 3D then, CREATURE surely wouldn't let you down.

Director Vikram Bhatt thinks the audience is fool and that is why he has tried to sell old story in a new package. 3D effects are also very average.

If you have watched this film in theatre then the money that you spent will frighten you till next Friday. Half star to the film for the bravery of the whole team of Creature 3D. After all, it takes days and months to make even a bad film.

The film follows a classic screenplay structure, of Indian ghost films, which means the beginning is also the end, of your mental peace and trust on Bollywood writers.

Watch Creature 3D only if you can't sleep without watching a monster movie. Creature 3D gets one for the film, and 0.5 extra for the VFX.

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