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De Dana Dan

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27 Nov 2009
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Be forewarned. De Dana Dan is the most bizarre film from the maharaja of laughathons, Priyadarshan. Not even in your wildest dream you'd think that Priyadarshan would place almost an entire film in a hotel and have its entire cast, comprising of 26 [or is it 27?] characters, most of them weirdos, interacting with each other.

Brings back memories of Blame It On The Bellboy? May be! But Priyadarshan needs to be credited for pulling it off. There are times when you laugh hysterically at the most outlandish jokes and situations. There are times when a raised eyebrow or a wide-open jaw makes you break into a guffaw.

Be cautioned. De Dana Dan is a loud film, with each and every character screaming on top of his/her voice, with the characters shouting, running, even floating and swimming in the end. But what do you expect in a Priyadarshan film that has a title like De Dana Dan? The promos never promised path-breaking or thought-provoking cinema that would give birth to debates and discussions. So why look for logic in this one?

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