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Drona (U)

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02 Oct 2008
Critics Reviews Audience Reviews Updated: February 06, 2017 03:17 PM IST

Drona is a big film in all respects -- big stars, big canvas, big expenditure on SFX, big ad spend, big expectations. Sadly, it's a big, big, big letdown as well.

Fantasy/adventure films are a rarity in Bollywood. Actually, you want to laud Goldie Behl for being courageous, for venturing into a lane that's rarely visited by dream merchants here. But the screenplay is a complete mess. In fact, if at all there would be Razzies in Bollywood, the three writers of Drona -- Jaydeep Sarkar, Rohini Killough and Goldie Behl -- should be nominated proto for coming up with a sloppy and slipshod screenplay.

What saddens your heart is the fact that the Lullas of Eros and Shrishti Arya, the producers of Drona, have spared no efforts in giving Drona a spectacular look. The vision is perfect, but how about narrating an absorbing and attention-grabbing story? You remember Drona for its striking visuals, not storyline. It's like embellishing priceless and precious jewels on a mannequin.

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