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12 Feb 2016
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Fitoor Review

Aditya Roy Kapoor is a talented boy who has put in a lot of efforts to get the role of Noor right and that effort comes across the acreen. Right from his body, to his looks, his performance, Aditya has given comeplete justification to the role. Katrina Kaif's accent is American while her character just returned from London, which makes one think about the kind of preparation she has put in. Famous for her expressionless performance, Katrina continues the same in Fitoor as well.

It is Tabu who steals the show in Fitoor. Much like Haider, Tabu just has this capability to make it all about her.

The emotion of the movie fails to get across the viewers in some places. There are scenes which will make you gasp for a breath, but there are not as many as one would wish to see.

Fitoor is a class movie like Haider, while there are flaws, it is definitely worth the watch. Book your tickets for this weekend show!

Fitoor is his interpretation of Charles Dickens’ classic, Great Expectations, a novel that showcased forbidden love, betrayal and class struggles.

While Kapur and Kaif do a fair job in playing Noor (the struggling, but talented orphan) and Firdaus (the haughty, remote beauty who’s emotionally controlled by her mother), you may find it difficult to be invested in them in as a couple. You feel their yearnings individually, but you are not feeling their ache. These two lovers never become one unit.

There are moments in Fitoor which are brilliant, but they are few and far between. Watch this if you want to see a visually stunning piece of filmmaking, but if you are looking for an intense love story, you are barking up the wrong chinar tree.

A visual tour de force, Abhishek Kapoor’s exquisitely crafted Fitoor holds on to the soul of Great Expectations and imbues it with the spirit of Bollywood without letting the essence of one dilute that of the other.

Do not expect great momentum from Fitoor. It has its share of slow-moving passages. Instead of taking anything away from the drama, these sluggish moments, more often than not, are mood-enhancing.

There is so much to admire in Fitoor that it is easy not to be put off by its ponderous pace and lack of contextual detailing. Go for it because there might not be too many better films than Fitoor this year.

Abhishek Kapoor's adaptation of the Dickens classic is laudable in parts. Along with Supratik Sen, Kapoor crafts his tale to suit the milieu of the modern-day Kashmir. Indo-Pak friendship and politics are blended in with Noor Nizami's screams of 'Doodh maangoge toh kheer denge, Kashmir maangoge toh cheer denge'.

As for the lead cast, Fitoor gets the best out of Tabu and Aditya Roy Kapur. Katrina Kaif is heartbreak personified. As Firdaus, she does a good job of capturing exactly what her character has been raised to do: break hearts. Katrina deserves applause for the scenes which require her to be cold-hearted and steely.

At the end of the day, Fitoor demands a lot of patience on the part of the viewer. But that is largely made up for by Kashmir. Watch the film for its sheer beauty.

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