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30 Jan 2015
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Hawaizaada attempts an almost-impossible marriage of a visual splendour with emotional surrender. It is a film with tempestuous ambitions.

Going back in time is never an easy task in cinema. Many have failed to court periodicity convincingly. Hawaizaada gets away with its flight into the mind of the man who dared to fly. This miniature masterpiece leaves us exhilarated and exultant. Thank God for the dreamers, past and present. Thank you, Shivkar Bapuji Talpade. Thank you, Vibhu Puri.

If you watch the film with a feeling that you will be transported into the world of invention of the first ever man made desi flight, then, take our word for it that, you will be sorely disappointed, because the film actually is an extravagant 'costume musical'.

The film barely touches upon anything that's got to do with the story pertaining to the first manmade Indian flight and is far away from reality. It is instead loaded with melodrama. At the end of the film, one really feels sorry for the film's producer because the over-expense was just not needed!

On the whole, HAWAIZAADA is all gloss no substance. Skip it.

The dramatic re-telling of Talpade’s life is laborious and over-dramatic. It’s almost like you are watching a street play that meanders.

Hawaizaada seriously as a liberally-altered biopic. The premise was promising, but the film never soars dramatically.

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