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13 Aug 2010
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Horror films produced in Bollywood follow the same route. At least most of them. The aatma/spirit seeks revenge for the wrong done to him/her. The spirit breathes fire, spits venom, scares the daylights out of the wrong-doers and eliminates them one by one. But, in the final tally, the protagonist puts an end to the aatma's atrocities. All's well that ends well.

Help is no different. It follows the same rules, except that it has an interesting twist to offer, which, again, is sure to have its share of advocates and adversaries. Unfortunately, the screenplay, based on an interesting concept, gets repetitive at times and excruciatingly slow at places. Besides, the unspoken rule for horror films is that they ought to scare you at the right places, but barring a sequence or two, which do give you jhatkas, the film lacks in the scary quotient. Simply put, the chills are missing.

Final word? Strictly okay!

Vic (Bobby Deol) and Pia (Mugdha Godse) are going through a difficult time in their marriage and in the midst of these troubled times they have to rush to Mauritius to take care of Pia's ailing father. On landing in Mauritius and going back to Pia's old family home, Pia is confronted by her distant past.

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