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(U/A) (2010)

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30 Apr 2010
By : Jigu

On : 2010-05-02 22:15:34

On some Website I had read that Sajid Khan had hired some company to monitor Illegal Downloads of his movie and possibly prosecute them. Well let me tell you SAJID the movie is horrible and I doubt that anybody in the right mind would even care to download this LAME movie FULL OF CORNY JOKES (BY THE WAY THAT TELLS ME A LOT ABOUT YOUR INTELLECT) and suffer for 3 hours.... I guess you could have saved some money by not even bothering to HIRE some company to track IP Addresses for illegal downloads.... BY the way the company is probably ripping you off. NOT sure how computer SAVY you are but the days of tracking a PC based on IP Address are gone..... you will probably go around in circles to chase someone and get dizzy...just like I was when I was watching you movie and trying to figure any sense out of it!!!!! You got lucky with your first movie...PLEASE DO MAKE FUN OF YOUR OWN FLOP MOVIE WHEN YOU HOST SOME AWARDS FUNCTION THIS YEAR. AFTER ALL THAT IS YOUR SPECIALTY.

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