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17 Dec 2010
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Was just wondering the other day, why do [most] Hindi films that tackle the horror genre don't really succeed in their endeavour of scaring the viewer? I mean, real stories concerning supernatural forces continue to make the rounds to this date and make us break into a cold sweat, especially when you listen to them in rapt attention at nights. So why don't these stories succeed in their motive of scaring us in the dark confines of a cineplex? Stories about ghosts, spirits, haunted mansions and paranormal activities aren't alien for us Indians, right?

Like the Ramsays, director Wilson Louis, known for spooky films (Ho Sakta Hai Mallika, now Kaalo), might soon have his name entering the record books. From the current lot of film-makers, here's one film-maker choosing subjects of the horror thriller variety; perhaps he doesn't wish to change tracks. Perhaps, his sole aim is to scare the living daylights of the viewers and also take them on a mysterious journey, which he does quite convincingly with this one.

Also, Wilson takes up the challenge to make a 'day horror film', which may have been extremely difficult to make in view of the fact that you can't conceal details of the visual effects in daylight. Moreover, to scare the audience in broad daylight, without a single shot of an eerie night, is a rarity. Another important aspect of Kaalo is that it's a creature-based movie, not a ghost-based horror.

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