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Kahaani 2

(U/A) (2016)



2 hrs 10 mins

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104 Ratings

Release Date

02 Dec 2016
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Kahaani 2 Review

While the first Kahaani revolved around a pregnant lady in search of her missing husband, Sujoy's latest offering this time addresses a grave issue that's often brushed under the carpet. What's applaud-worthy is that the director handles the subject with sensitivity without resorting to any gruesome visuals. Yes, the film does feed upon some typical Bollywood staples but Sujoy with his neat story-telling leaves a lasting impression. This time, Bob Biswas and his 'Namaskar..ek minute' is replaced by a female harridan who brandishes her razor blade mouthing 'yeh safe hai' before striking her victim.

Vidya Balan gives a solid performance reminding you why she is one of the best performers in the industry. Be it fear, angst, anxiety or sorrow, the actress gets all her emotions spot on and shines in every frame. You so want to see more of her! Arjun Rampal holds his own identity and lends the story a whiff of humour amidst the building tension at several junctures.

Watch Kahaani 2 for Sujoy Ghosh's finesse for extracting some power-packed performances and making them stand out in the film. If you are in mood for some thrills, then Durga Rani Singh's world is the right place for you to step in!

Director Sujoy Ghosh spins a gripping tale, with top notch performances by Vidya Balan and Arjun Rampal.

The Indian National Award-winning actress, who plays a mother on the run and is accused of murdering and kidnapping of a minor, puts in a compelling performance. Her fear, her angst and her protectiveness towards her daughter is beautifully captured. While there’s no doubt in a viewers’ mind about her innocence, it’s wonderful that Balan has the charisma and the gravitas to keep everyone hooked till the second.

Some of the twists in the second half may seem predictable, but it’s buoyed by some fantastic acting performances.

This sequel directed by Sujoy Ghosh after a gap of four years is a whodunit that definitely serves up intrigue, but fails to keep a tight grip on proceedings throughtout its duration. So unlike the first part, that hit the ground running and set a benchmark in the genre, this one lacks the shark-bite. But you do invest in Vidya Sinha, a harrowed, working mum from Chandan Nagar in West Bengal and her handicapped teenage daughter, who like most middle-class people overcome hurdles to go through the daily grind.

So much so, that when Mini goes missing and Vidya meets an accident, there is a sense of void. Enter, Indrajit(Arjun Rampal), the cop-on-the-case, who is the first one to discover that the woman in a coma resembles Durga(Vidya Balan again!), a school clerk from Kalimpong, who is a fugitive-on-the-run.

Vidya, shorn of make-up and glamour breezes through her dual role in autopilot mode. Arjun impresses as the cop hankering for a promotion and is believable as the husband. If you have an appetite for thrillers (albeit, with some flaws) give this one a try.

After Kahaani, which took us into a fresh space, this one disappoints. If Ghosh does plan on making a third, he’ll have to up his game considerably.

Kahaani 2 has one of the best first halves I’ve seen in a while. Not one frame is wasted as the set-up is introduced and teased out: a woman with a painful past encounters a young girl with whom she senses a strange bond.

This Vidya Balan film starts well but starts telegraphing its punches around interval. It becomes predictable and there can be nothing worse for a thriller.

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