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Khichdi - The Movie

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01 Oct 2010
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I must admit, I am no couch potato. I find it difficult to stay glued to television for hours, surfing channels randomly. Perhaps, that's one of the reasons why I never watched an episode of this hugely popular TV show called KHICHDI. But, of course, I had heard of its popularity, about its comic quotient, about the zany characters...

KHICHDI - THE MOVIE borrows the characters from the show, but the movie has a new story to offer. In the West, popular shows are adapted on the big screen, but the trend is in nascent stages here. For someone like me, who was absolutely clueless about what to expect from the big screen adaptation, I'd say KHICHDI - THE MOVIE vacillates between absurd and ridiculous, but the fact remains that it makes you laugh at most times. KHICHDI - THE MOVIE may not push the envelope as far as the written material is concerned, but you exit the auditorium with a radiant smile, which most laughathons promise, but don't deliver.

Final word? I haven't laughed as much in weeks as much I did in those 2 hours. Do pay a visit to this mad family if laughter is what you seek in a movie. This khichdi is appetizing, for sure.

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