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Kisaan (U/A)

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28 Aug 2009
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Two surprises...

    * One, Kisaan is the present-day interpretation of Manoj Kumar's classic Upkar. With changes, of course.
    * Two, going by the promos, the general feeling is that Kisaan is a shining example of regressive cinema. It isn't!

With multiplexes spreading far and wide in the country, movies that ruled the roost in the 1970s - especially those depicting rural India - have disappeared from the face of Hindi movies. One of the prime reasons why Upkar worked was because the conflict between two brothers was not so explored then, but post Upkar, there have been dozens of movies that highlighted the conflict. Hence, Kisaan gives you the feeling of déjà vu at several points in the story.

But despite the similarities, Kisaan works in most parts because it's engaging. The drama, even though predictable, is well handled and keeps you engrossed at several points. Final word? Try out this desi stuff.

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