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Margarita With A Straw (A)

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17 Apr 2015
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In a country where disability is still not accepted with an open mind and where the infrastructure of the cities make it difficult for the differently-abled people to live, comes a refreshing movie that throws light on how their life is no different to the life of an abled one.

Right from the word go, the film takes you into a world of its own. And the only person to be credited for this is its director Shonali Bose, who had earlier directed the Konkona Sen Sharma starrer AMU. With MARGARITA WITH A STRAW, Shonali takes a giant leap in terms of storytelling and directing.

As far as the actors are concerned, the film belongs to Kalki Koechlin completely. On the whole, MARGARITA WITH A STRAW is decent film but it will struggle at the box-office as it caters to a very niche segment of the audience.

Director Shonali Bose and lead actress Kalki Koechlin are on top of their respective games in Margarita, With a Straw, an offbeat drama that is both sensitive and provocative.

The wonderfully well-scripted film (screenplay: Bose and Nilesh Maniyar) focuses on the most intimate physical and emotional needs of a woman with cerebral palsy.

Do not pass up a sip of Margarita, With A Straw. It could be life-altering. If nothing else, it will soak you with its warmth.

There are two reasons to cheer for Margarita, With A Straw wholeheartedly: director Shonali Bose's intent and actor Kalki Koechlin's talent. Bose's decision to make a film on a character who isn't "normal" deserves all the praise she's got, because the emphasis is upon how Laila is very much a regular teenager, but for her impaired motor skills.

Ultimately, Margarita With A Straw is a film with a lot of heart and a powerful performance from Koechlin, but you can't help feeling that Laila deserved better.

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