Mohan Das - A Man Lost In His Own Nation

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04 Sep 2009
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Browse a newspaper or surf news channels and I am sure, you'd be enlightened with more than a hundred stories in the course of a day. But not all stories have the potential to be adapted for the big screen. Mohandas suffers due to this reason. Mohandas is a poignant tale and is well shot too, no doubt, but the question is, does it hold your attention for the next 2 hours? In parts, yes, not in totality. At best, Mohandas might strike a chord in the film festival circuit, that's it! Catering to a really miniscule audience.

Meghna [Sonali Kulkarni], a correspondent working at a news channel in New Delhi, receives a videotape from a remote place in Madhya Pradesh. On the tape, a battered young man claims to be the real Mohandas [Nakul Vaid] and alleges that someone else has stolen his identity. Someone else is living as 'Mohandas'.

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