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Mohenjo Daro




2 hrs 35 mins

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12 Aug 2016
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Mohenjo Daro Review

Mohenjo Daro is set in 2016 BC and showcases ancient Indian civilization in all its glory. Hrithik (Sarman) who plays the role of a simple farmer, lands himself in the town of Mohenjo Daro and is mesmerized by its beauty and grandeur. Sarman comes to the city with a hidden agenda and works as a peasant. During a street mishap he saves the life of Princess Chaani and ends up falling in love with her. Chaani is the chosen one to serve 'Sindhu Ma' who is a river Goddess, and the whole city is very devoted to her. Trouble starts when Sarman abandons his hidden agenda and tries to woo Chaani, but falls afoul to the politician Maham (Kabir Bedi) who wants to rule Mohenjo Daro all by himself as a dictator. Maham's son Moonja, does his best to make Sarman go off route and uses him as a pawn so that his father can seize control of the whole city. To win over Chaani, Sarman has to defeat Maham & Moonja and save the city from destruction at the evil hands of the father-son duo. Will Sarman save the town from the evil whims of Maham & Moonja? Or will he unleash his hidden agenda and destroy the city all by himself? Can he win over the love of his life Chaani? For that you will have to hit the theatres! We're sure you'll never be disappointed.

Hrithik Roshan is back with a bang and has delivered a stellar performance in Mohenjo Daro. In fact the movie stands tall only because of his presence. His acting skills are on full display and he has pulled off an excellent feat with this one. The dedication he has poured into the action scenes is immense and he has done justice to his role overall. Coming to Pooja Hegde, the actress has thankfully managed to pull off both 'sweet and mean' avatars in the film. She can only mesmerize you by her sheer beauty but has not really given her best to resurrect the film. There's no doubt that Pooja Hegde is here to stay in Bollywood but her expressions are completely plain and bland. She could do much better but has not used her full potential in the character that she portrays.

Don't go with the expectation to see history come alive on screen. A few parts of the movie are make believe and look quite modern. Keep aside the historical facts about the city and the film will not disappoint you. Mohenjo Daro is a one-time watch only because it has all the ingredients of love, action, romance and drama peppered into it in the name of an ancient civilization.

When a filmmaker of Ashutosh Gowariker’s repute decides to make a movie on Mohenjo Daro, the biggest settlement of Indus valley civilisation, you would expect him to be historically accurate yet retain his worth as a storyteller.

However, his ‘Mohenjo Daro’ fails on both accounts. Instead, his pretty men and women gleefully play fancy dress and let designers Neeta Lulla and April Ferry drape them in dresses cut from sacks and swap their bare feet for gladiators and sometimes even chappals. That’s not all. The leading lady is given a headgear loaded with feathers, almost making her look like a pretty bird on the go.

Hrithik Roshan flaunts his muscular bod, showcases his dance moves and even flexes his facial muscles, but his tactics don’t impress us. We’ve seen these far too many times to warrant any real emotion. Even when he’s fighting in the ring, as two mighty thugs beat him black and blue, there’s no redeeming value. He may be earnest in his performance, but that’s not enough to warrant our journey to the movie hall.

The climax footage is profoundly dodgy, making you wonder how Gowariker green-lighted it.

The story of Mohenjo Daro revolves around young orphaned child , who resides with his uncle close to the areas of Mohenjo Daro.One day he sees a girl and they fall in love. Kabir Bedi is playing the negative role, Pooja hedge is her daughter in this periodic drama flick.

Hrithik Roshan play the role of an indigo farmer from Amri, Sindh named “Sarman” travels upriver to the largest city, Mohenjo-daro, Pooja Hegde playing role of “Chaani” in his debut film.Sarman (Hrithik) during a street mishap he saves the life of a beautiful woman named Chaani who as “The Chosen One” in service to Sindhu Ma, the goddess of the river which is the centre of their culture, is “the symbol of Mother Sindhu’s grace and blessing. But Sarman soon falls afoul of the politician Maham (Kabir Bedi) and his son Moonja (Arunoday Singh) who are seizing power and starting to rule Mohenjo Daro as an empire.To win Chaani, Sarman must defeat Maham and rouse the people to save their city.

Direction by Ashutosh Gowariker is OUTSTANDING. The D.O.P captures the grandeur to the fullest. The production designing is again Awsome. Action Stunts are simply Mindblowing. VFX is First Rate. Editing is Crispy. A. R Rehman music is not the type that you take to instantly, but yes, it gets beautifully with the mood of the film. Background is also simply Extra Ordinary.

Hrithik powerful stunts and performance will mesmerize the audience.Hrithik Roshan and Pooja Hegde love story, twist and turns apart from the love story will entertain you.On the whole, Mohenjo Daro is without a fantastic film in all Respects. Strongly Recommended to all of u.

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