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26 Jul 2013
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Don't see anything worth mentioning in Nasha. Since the film totally belongs to Poonam Pandey, you can imagine what you can expect at the best!

Where the film lets you down big time in love making scenes. Saxena fails miserably to get the right expressions from Nasha’s lead stars when they are in the throes of passion.

The moral of the story: Pyaar toh summer vacation ki tarah hota hai. Har saal aata hai. (Falling is love is like summer vacation. It happens every year).

This parting shot from Sahil's muse is enough to help him come out of his Nasha, enjoy the hangover and carry on with life.

For a film whose title alone holds promise of a cinematic high, 'Nasha' brings you down in more ways than one.

The sex scenes in 'Nasha' are of the kind you might have seen before, but the acting is uniquely cringe-worthy. Don't let curiosity get the better of you - give this one a miss.

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