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Ok Jaanu



2 hrs 16 mins

Audience Review

116 Ratings

Release Date

13 Jan 2017
Critics Reviews Audience Reviews Updated: January 13, 2017 04:46 PM IST

OK Jaanu tries to blend in the thoughts of two generations with Aditya-Shraddha representing the breeziness of new-age romance whereas Naseer and Leela give you that warm and fuzzy feeling with their golden jubilee relationship.

Gulzar strikes a right balance when it comes to the dialogues. Ravi K.Chandran's lens flirt well with the city of Mumbai and you get to see some breath-taking, poetic shots as it goes hand in hand with Mani Ratnam's love for symbolism. OK Jaanu is impressive when it comes to the music department and the credit goes to A.R Rahman.

Verdict: Those who have watched the original film will find Shaad Ali's latest offering 'Strickly OK'. For the others, we leave it to you for some 'figure out kar lenge'.

It’s disappointing to see a man of Mani Ratnam’s calibre pen a story that loses its plot as it keeps presenting the same thing over and over again in slightly different settings.

As for the music by A.R. Rahman, the upbeat remix of the iconic Humma and Kaara Fankaara, and the lilting Saajan Aayo Re and Enna Sona are redeeming to some extent. But then not quite enough to make you sit through two hours and fifteen minutes.

Keep this one for the television premiere.

Ameer ladka, gareeb ladki, love triangles, horrible parents, different backgrounds, different religions, different people, we have exhausted most possibilities, plots and premises for a decent love story. Hence filmmakers these days explore the challenges millennials face, one of them being the tough choice between career and love.

Both Shradha and Aditya do full justice to their lazily written characters. Their chemistry is palpable and their efforts are earnest!

Ok Jaanu doesn’t convince you with the couple’s fear against marriage. Neither does it showcase real career problems. The parents and family are also such boring cardboard characters. You can see the climax well in advance but can hardly see any logic or reasoning in their change of hearts.

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