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One Two Three (U/A)

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28 Mar 2008
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One Two Three Review
Of late, the trend is to make entertainers that don't tax the viewers' brains. The mantra is simple: Plonk yourself on the cushy seat, munch popcorn, sip cola and enjoy the on-screen antics. Just don't ask questions. Just don't look for logic. No-brainer comedies are what the doctor ordered to keep the industry's heart live and ticking.

One Two Three, helmed by debutante Ashwani Dhir, follows the rules faithfully. But...

Like most films of its ilk, One Two Three rests on a waferthin plot. No issues with that, but after a point you don't react to the on-screen jhamela. Substituting a cohesive script with witty one-liners and funny situations has never been the shortcut to success and never will be.

Besides, the masti-mazaak works at times, but falls flat on several occasions. The on-screen characters try their level best to tickle your funny bone, to evoke mirth, but the viewer sits motionless and expressionless like a mannequin.

Comedy is serious business and Ashwani Dhir has proved his skills in the past [he had penned the immensely likeable Office Office], but cinema is a different medium altogether. Sure, Dhir has worked hard on wit-laden dialogues and individualistic sequences, but how one wishes he would've worked on presenting a tighter script.

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