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Audience Review

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16 Apr 2010
By : Carmen

On : 2010-04-23 18:29:26

A completely unorthodox (by Western standards), yet realistic and emotionally intense presentation.

It's a combination of fictional documentary and moral education, but the dryness of such "goody two shoes" topics are underscored, dramatised and heavily enhanced by a complex plot based on corporate management psychology on the managerial level introducing many ethical dilemmas that each of the main characters (the school teachers) have to surmount.

All of us know the common theme of corporate objectives getting in the way of traditional goodwill and "kampung spirit". But it takes a talented director, scriptwriter and cast to put such "evils" into perspective; in a palatable and easily understood format in a movie deigned to entertain persons of all ages.

You may think about how silly and overdone of the scenes are in Paathshaala, but sometimes you don't just laugh at the actors' plight - you may have faced discrimination, harassment, or outright mismanagement from once-respected and trusted seniors yourself.

This film veers on the edge of a school's staff and students inciting rioting against the owners of the premises.

But through Ghandi's ideals of passive resistance, we see that compassion and tolerance in the end has created a "happily ever after" for everyone.

There are, after all, no villians to speak of in this movie. The enemy is in ourselves...

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