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Perfect Mismatch

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24 Jul 2009
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Meet the Fockers. Oops... Meet Mr. Patel and Mr. Bhalla. They have a problem with each other. One is a Gujarati, the other is a Punjabi. Agreed, there are people who don't believe in marrying outside their community, but stories like these are passé. They no longer make for interesting experiences on celluloid.

Perfect Mismatch, honestly, is a complete mismatch. The story is just not convincing and what makes matters worse is the fact that the lovers don't do a thing to bring the two warring papas together. Frankly, this one's an amateurish attempt. Final word? Imperfect!

Write your own movie review of Perfect Mismatch Aman [Anubhav Anand], an architect, bumps into Neha [Nandana Sen]. Love blossoms. But sparks fly when their families meet. The differences between hyper-vibrant Mr. Bhalla [Anupam Kher] and the rigidly-conventional Mr. Patel [Boman Irani] are apparent in their very first meeting.

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