Critics Review

    • It is all very well to light-heartedly highlight how the negative aspects of love can make life miserable for mamma's boys not endowed with the tact required to handle the demands of a steady relationship. But it becomes too much of a stretch when a film would have us believe that it is only cussed and demanding girls who are at the root of all the trouble that love affairs cause.

      The primary problem with Pyaar Ka Punchnama is that the characters are hardly believable and the tight spots that they get into are conjured up through rather convoluted and laboured narrative methods. As the boys jabber away incessantly and blame the whole world but themselves for their woes, they make very little sense. On the acting front, too, the standards are rather low.

      Even the subtlest of emotions are sought to be conveyed via over-the-top means. In the din that the film generates, love is given a bad name and sent to the gallows. And that isn't the ideal recipe for a film yearning for a generous shower of pyaar at the box office.
    • PYAAR KA PUNCHNAMA 2 has a weaker storyline as compared to PYAAR KA PUNCHNAMA. The sequel almost follows the same trajectory as PYAAR KA PUNCHNAMA, viz., how the three boys hook up, the initial honeymoon period and then the disaster begins. The dialogues are entertaining to quite an extent. The film is a satire on love and relationships and is not a typical conventional rom-com.

      Luv Ranjan also needs to be applauded for having written funny dialogues. The lingo that has been used in the film is straight out of real life, laced with some crackling and witty one-liners.

      On the whole PYAAR KA PUNCHNAMA 2 packs a solid punch with its unusual, yet relevant storyline. It is a film for youngsters who may patronize it in a big way. Recommended, go for it!
    • Boys will be boys. No issues. But must they be such insensitive dolts? Luv Ranjan, director of Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2, seems to think that the worse they are the better.

      The 2011 sleeper hit of which Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 is an ill-advised repeat act was a passable, if seriously dodgy, romantic comedy in which women were blamed for all the troubles of mankind. Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 does pretty much the same, but the novelty has worn off and it is saddled with an insufferably inept screenplay.

      Does Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 have any redeeming features? Go look for a needle in a haystack. It might be easier to find.

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