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30 Jan 2015
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With RAHASYA, director Manish Gupta has tried his level best to keep the secret (read 'whodunit') intact. One must admit that, he achieves it to a large extent, thanks to the plot. The whodunit aspect of the film notwithstanding, Manish suffers in his direction very badly.

Over a period of time, the film starts boring you because of it being stretched at unwanted places. On the whole, RAHASYA can be skipped without any regret.

Gupta is an alumnus of Ram Gopal Varma’s filmmaking school and the director of The Stoneman Murders and Hostel. Whatever parallels there are with the actual double murder disappear once the plot kicks in.

Rahasya is far from being an exploitative flick ‒ rather, it's a taut and stylish affair, which gives no quarter to extraneous elements such as songs and sub-plots over its 125 minutes.

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