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12 Aug 2016
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Rustom Review

The plot of the film is roughly based on the real scandalous incident which took place in 1959 in Mumbai. It's a story of an honest commander Rustom Pavri (Akshay Kumar) from Indian Navy for whom his nation comes first! Later, the story pans to his beautiful world in which he is happily married to his wife Cynthia Pavri (Ileana D'Cruz) and everything goes well between the duo until he gets to know about the extra-marital affair of his wife.

As events unfold, he realizes that Cynthia is having an affair with his best friend, Vikram Makhija. The story grips audiences' interests as Pavri shoots his wife's lover and surrenders himself! In spite of being the real killer, a twist in the tale occurs when things turn in Rustom Pavri's favour. Now, whether all the events were pre-planned or was he indeed a patriot and shot Makhija in the heat of the moment? You need to rush to the theatres to find out!

Let's just take a moment to praise Akshay for putting his heart and soul into the character. From his behaviour to body language, from the way he talks and stands in the film, every sequence of his is worth clapping and not forgetting to mention that he is the only good thing about this over-dramatic movie! Also, he has made sure to make his character look balanced throughout the film. He has raised his pitch when needed, without making it look overdramatic and giving pure authenticity to his character.


It's not a serious movie; there is definitely 'masala' in this so-called suspense thriller. The movie is a potpourri of unrealistic dialogues, forced funny scenes, misplaced twists and turns but an amazing act of Akshay Kumar! If you are a die-hard fan of Akki, you can surely enjoy the movie!

The film has a simple and straightforward script, which is inspired by the real time incidence of 1959 in Bombay. However, the makers of the film have added a couple of things to make the film interesting, which sounds very much pleasing in the movie simply to boost up the entertainment values of the film. The film goes in a usual tone and speed showcasing love, romance and other things unlike seen in any settled and happy family; however, it has successfully showed the values of people of the fifties and sixties, like integrity and honesty that seemed to be a surprise in current context. In a sense it draws a good example to make the audience understand how things ruin in a family. The second half is all about the trials and tribulations shown in the courtroom with hot and cool arguments made by the lawyers of both the end. In the end you get to see some amount of spice for obvious reasons.

The film has some decent amount of performances. Akshay Kumar who is becoming among the highly paid actors in B Town has managed to showcase one of the best performances over the silver screen. He is good in playing the role of a office regardless of the uniform he has over his body

Overall, the movie is a decent film to catch so even if you do not happen to be an Akshay Kumar fan you can think of catching up the film in your nearest theatres.

RUSTOM starts off with a periodic era of 1959, when Mumbai was still 'Bombay' and the times when justice was done by the jury members and not by the judge. This is followed by the introduction of the 'habituated to his uniform' Commander Rustom Pavri (Akshay Kumar) and his lovely wife Cynthia Pavri (Ileana D'Cruz). One day, when Rustom Pavri comes back home from the sea, earlier than his scheduled date, he is shocked when he gets to know that his wife Cynthia has gone out with the 'filthy' rich Vikram Makhija (Arjan Bajwa) and has not been home since two days. Rustom Pavri, then, starts breathing fire and reaches Vikram's house, only to find Vikram and Cynthia together. Unable to bear the sight of his wife's deceit, Rustom Pavri loads his official gun and shoots the evil minded Vikram, killing him. Being the ever righteous man, Rustom Pavri then goes to the police station and surrenders himself. When the news of Vikram's death reaches the ears of his 'well connected' sister Preethi Makhija (Esha Gupta), she vows to revenge her brother's death. As the case goes to the court however, Rustom pleads not guilty. What follows after that is a heated court room drama, mudslinging, the role of the media in the case... all eventually leading to one common thing. What is the ultimate conclusion of all the events, is Rustom Pavri really guilty or is there more than what meets the eye.

As for the performances, absolutely no prizes for guessing that it is the inimitable Akshay Kumar, who is the 'captain' of the ship. Akshay Kumar, who has been extremely versatile in terms of his (diverse) selection of films, adds yet another feather in his cap with RUSTOM. This is the first time ever in his career spanning many years that Akshay Kumar has played a Naval officer. And boy! He delivers such a spotless and flawless performance in this role by staying extremely true to his character. Lending him able support is Ileana D'Cruz as his wife Cynthia Pavri. Despite having limited scope as far as performance is concerned, Ileana D'Cruz holds her own with her restrained performance. Esha Gupta, on the other hand, is good in her role of a revenge seeking woman. Arjan Bajwa, despite his small role, is effective. Other actors like Kumud Mishra (in the role of a newspaper editor), Usha Nadkarni (as the servant), Sachin Khedekar (as Public Prosecutor Lakshman Khangani) and Pawan Malhotra (as Inspector Lobo) too have strong parts and keep the movie together.

On the whole, RUSTOM comes across as a well crafted crime thriller that meets expectations. It has its share of captivating moments as well as the loose ones. At the Box-Office, competition in the form of MOHENJO DARO will limit its potential. However, the holiday period post the weekend and positive word of mouth will prove beneficial for the movie.

Rustom Pavri is a commander with the Indian Navy. He is a celebrated officer and is known for his unabashed nature when it comes to putting his country first. Based on the 50s explosive case of K.M Nanavati, the makers issue a warning at start that it is not a biopic and only a fictional representation of the case. On his early return from his duty, Rustom finds his wife Cynthia missing at home. He soon learns about her affair with popular car dealer Vikram Makhija (Arjan Bajwa). Hurt and angered by his wife’s infidelity, Rustom shoots Vikram with 3 bullet shots and even surrenders for his crime. The case further starts to get twisted when, Rustom pleads not guilty in court. Is he guilty or not is what lies ahead.

Akshay Kumar as commander Rustom Pavri looks deliciously handsome in the uniform. I wouldn’t think of cheating on him! (Wink!). He does a good job all through, but in a few courtroom scenes, his straight-faced expressions and stance make him look like a wax statue. In terms of performance, there is nothing challenging here for him, so he is good enough. Ileana D’Cruz who plays the ‘sorry’ wife is like a doll in this film. Her perfect hair, perfect dressing and perfect tears are the only thing you will see. Esha Gupta has a resting bitch-face all through the film. She is unnecessarily seductive with those low-cut outfits that would excite none. The only action she does in the film is hold that cigarette holder and smoke!

For a regular movie goer, Akshay Kumar will be the highlight of this film and it will have to ride on his shoulders alone to work at the box office.
Rustom is a one-time watch. For those who just want to catch a flick without its relation to Nanavati case, it makes up for a decent watch.

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