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Sacred Evil - A True Story

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02 Jun 2006
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Based on a true story, Sacred Evil is a slow paced, off-beat and intense movie. Interestingly, the story is borrowed from real life [Ipsita Roy Chakraverti].

The story revolves around three women: a nun [Sister Martha], a witch [Ipsita] and a girl in search of her mother [Claudia]. Martha, a 45-year-old withering woman, lives in a secluded convent in Kolkata. Even in the sanctuary of the Church, she is haunted by a spirit that threatens her sanity.

The witch, Ipsita, is called upon by the unconventional Mother Superior to heal Martha's soul. The task is difficult as Martha is uncomfortable talking about the events in her past. Using her skills as a healer, Ipsita gradually opens the door to Martha's story.

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