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30 Aug 2013
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Satyagraha is a hard-hitting political drama, that portrays corruption onscreen from the scratch. So far, the film has been compelling and engaging, with some overpowering star performances.

SATYAGRAHA summarizes the mood of the ordinary man and the nation in general. Jha minces no words while flaying and condemning the fraudulent and unscrupulous politicians and the unjust system in a style that's now synonymous with his brand of cinema -- realistic, hard-hitting, forceful -- that leaves a hammer-strong impact.
On the whole, SATYAGRAHA is an all-engrossing, compelling drama that mirrors the reality around us. In fact, it's yet another brilliant addition to Prakash Jha's credible repertoire, who has created some of the most politically momentous motion pictures.

"Satygraha" conveys the uncontrollable anger and energy of a nation on the brink. For telling it like it is and for creating a compelling film out of the raw material of present-day corruption, the film deserves a standing ovation.


Satyagraha grapples with this dilemma. More philosophical than fiery, it adorns reality with gloss and loss.
Showing true Satyagraha has no short-cuts, it also shows solutions glimmering ahead, as ephemeral, yet powerful as a rainbow cleansing the dust.
Note: You may not like this movie if you avoid socio-political realities in cinema.

When the film ends -- a good 152 minutes later -- one comes out with a feeling that Jha might have outsourced his job to somebody who was under no compulsion to do justice to his audience as well as to the film's superstar-cast.
Satyagraha fails miserably in all these three departments.

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