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Singh Is Bling (U/A)

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02 Oct 2015
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The male protagonist of Singh is Bliing is a Punjab villager Raftaar Singh (Akshay) who, in the company of his robust friends, bumbles his way from one mischief to another, earning the ire of the family patriarch (Yograj Singh). Constantly shielded by his doting mother (Rati Agnihotri), Raftaar makes a hash of a job as a zookeeper. A lion escapes from its cage and Raftaar is compelled to replace the feline with a dog. His exasperated and angry papaji sends him to Goa to work for a casino owner. There he earns the confidence of his employer and is given charge of Sara Rana, an English-speaking girl (Amy Jackson), who has arrived from Romania to look for her mother.

Singh is Bliing is only for Akshay Kumar fans, but both Amy Jackson and Lara Dutta to have their moments. Jackson is a pretty face but she also makes her presence felt as an actress both in the action scenes and softer romantic moments. Lara Dutta's comic timing is exceptional, but there just isn't enough meat in her character to allow her to rise above the runaway mediocrity.

Painfully trashy, Singh is Bliing is a travesty of a movie that reduces comedy to a poor joke.

Raftaar Singh (Akshay Kumar) lives in Punjab’s Bassi Pathana village with his colourful family. Our happy-go-lucky guy is the quintessential man with a golden heart. But for one big flaw: he leaves things half done. One day, tired of his antics, Raftaar’s father (Yograj Singh) gives him two options: Either marry an overweight Sweetie or shift bag and baggage to Goa to do a job. Raftaar refuses to marry Sweetie because ‘Wo kushti ladney ki cheez hai, shaadi ki nahi.’

Akshay Kumar, who has a great comic timing otherwise, has been reduced to a mere loud-mouth. Most of his jokes fall flat. His dialogues are so predictable that you complete them even before he starts the sentence. Still, he is the most tolerable among all the actors, but clearly that’s not enough. Amy Jackson is just a pretty face doing rounds in bikini. It’s better to not say anything about Kay Kay and Lara Dutta. Everytime Kay Kay’s character says, ‘I am too good,’ you cringe. The role itself was badly written, and he makes it even worse. He can give newcomers a lesson in overacting. Lara Dutta would also not like to remember Singh Is Bliing for long.

Prabhudheva’s Singh Is Bliing is a tiring, immature and half-hearted attempt at filmmaking. Devoid of story, characterisation and plots, this is torture in the name of comedy. Singh Is Bliing is absolutely unfunny.

After starting off the year with a dose of seriousity, Akshay Kumar is back with his crazy comic antics and it is fun to have him back. The first half gives you a few instances that you could truly laugh your heart out on. With Singh Is Bliing, the curse of the second half strikes extremely hard and you completely miss the fun. Prabhudheva’s attempt to add drama as well as romance along with comedy does not succeed, leaving us waiting for the film to truly get over.

The script is funny in parts and hence only the things that come across as innocent antics of Raftaar will make you laugh. Other than Akshay’s character, his sidekicks too get enough chances to make you laugh hard. What ruins this script is the addition of melodrama in the second half. Too many sub-plots spoil the broth for this comedy film.

Akshay Kumar’s Singh Is Bliing is enjoyable in parts but as a whole it is not up-to the mark. It loses its bling over time and you are just left watching the silly antics of Mr. Singh

Singh Is Bliing starts off with a bang and the hilarious situations keep on coming at regular interval. The first half of the film is enlaced with some slap stick situations which are sure to make you laugh and keep you entertained. At the intermission point, you tend to believe that the film stands onto the expectations and has delivered what was promised but as the second half unfolds, the film keeps on getting worse with every passing scene.

Talking about the performances, Akshay Kumar is seen in his usual fun avatar in the film however he seemed to be over enthusiastic in one of the scenes where he gets drunk in Goa, thus spoiling the essence of the scene. Barring that, he plays the character of a loser from Punjab who wins back his lost respect with ease and conviction. The real surprise in Singh Is Bliing is Amy Jackson. Vis-à-vis the expectations of her just being an eye candy, the actress has a meaty role and some stunning action sequences. She performs all the action sequences with a lot of style and brings in a lot of glamour on screen. Don’t know if Lara Dutta’s character was written in such a way to be unintentionally funny or was she acting so badly that it turned out to be out rightly hilarious. Kay Kay Menon hams like never before and his sub-plot is one of the major reasons for the second half of Singh Is Bliing being a colossal disappointment.

The best thing which one can do for Singh Is Bliing is, watch the first half and leave the theatre with good moments in mind rather than cribbing about the film post the second half.

After doing many action films, director Prabhudeva tries his hand at the comedy, and he holds it up well till the second half. Though there are also some action sequences. But frankly speaking they are not comparable to Prabhu’s other films. The screenplay is decent. The pace is good overall but the film loses the grip in the 2nd half. Dudley’s cinematography is poor except the scenes shoot in Punjab. Action seems to be forcibly added. Music is the highlight of the film. All the songs have been picturised beautifully.

If you want nothing more than an enjoyable action-comedy without much sense, give Singh Is Bling a watch.

Another Prabhu Deva film that operates on the principle that the world is still inhabited by Neanderthals, Singh is Bliing goes all out to redefine cinematic trash. A blundering hero in search of a mission in life, a kickass female protagonist who packs a mean punch, a sleepwalking interpreter who is more than just an English-to-Hindi translator and a whole bunch of turbaned men run riot in Singh is Bliing.

The title itself is a dead giveaway. Do not expect any sense, logic or finesse from anything that Singh is Bliing has on offer.

The movie packed with fun and extra ordinary action sequences that we already seen on the Singh movies. film just an entertainer that lacks a perfect maid script and thrilling movements.

As usual Prabhu Deva picked ups some massive colorful locations and songs on the film,But we can't say it is intelligent direction just Masala packed packet. Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson impresses us ,May Amy Jackson too glamours scenes colorful for the Youngsters . Perfect music from the team ,that it fully satisfying one for a movie like festival one ..

Singh Is Bliing is festival film that you can enjoy this weekend ,Don't think about the logic's and about a perfect story you can enjoy the film for sure..

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