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Straight (A)

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20 Mar 2009

Straight Trivia

In the midst of central London, a successful Indian restaurant called 'Gaylord' is run by a Londoner of Indian origin called Pinu (Vinay Pathak). A well off businessman, Pinu however, is a very insecure and under-confident man, who views his own life as a string of tragicomic moments. Ever since his parents died in a plane crash, Pinu has lived with his quirky Gujarati foster family …there's Jaisukh Kaka, his wife Kanta Kaki and Rajat, their only son. A simple soul at heart, Pinu has many complexes - a special one being that he is a virgin and has experienced no intimacy with a woman. To top that, his biggest fear is to be laughed at by people… an ever-repeating phenomenon with him. Pinu is quite an introvert and has no real friends…the closest he has ever gotten to a friendship is with his foster brother Rajat, who is quite a contrast to his own personality. Rajat is a well-built and handsome man with a casual air about him; he is also the lead singer of a rock band. Rajat is very fond of Pinu, though is often a source of annoyance to him as he finds Pinu really funny.
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