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The Robot

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01 Oct 2010
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Two things...
One, it's difficult to conceptualize and execute a film like The Robot.
Two, when Rajinikanth's name comes in the credits, one cannot hear anything for the next two minutes. His name is greeted with a thunderous applause, whistles, yells and cheers. Such is the charisma of this superstar. Rajinikanth is the Boss. The real Baadshah.

The Robot, directed by Shankar, is a Rajinikanth Express that transports you to a world you can't envision. Rajinikanth's feats are legendary by now. In The Robot, he goes a step further. The Robot not only follows orders of his creator, but also cooks, fights, romances and wonder of wonders, has a lengthy conversation with a mosquito and scan loads of books/magazines and an entire telephone directory in a second. Yes, you read it right!

That's not all, this Robot is Superman + Spiderman + Terminator + Godzilla, all rolled into one. There's more to this Robot. It can replicate itself, wage a vicious battle, turn into an Anaconda or a monster ball and wipe off an entire army. Whew! Known for larger than life canvas, The Robot is Shankar's most expensive and if I may say so, his most imaginative film thus far. And who better than Rajinikanth for the pivotal role!

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