Yeh Saali Zindagi (2011)

    Release date 04 Feb 2011

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    2011-02-15 15:00:07
    Irrfan plays a chartered accountant (CA) in New Delhi. His expertise, I suppose, should hold serious value in one of the most corrupt capitals of the world. It does. He’s essentially a hustler; works in a shady financial front that manages arms deal, drug deal, chit fund, ‘benaami’, ‘hawala’ sort of wealth. The accounts he services would trail up to some politician or the other -- if you doggedly followed the money. But nobody follows this sort of money (Radia, Rajas of the world were plain unlucky).This CA is no whistleblower either. He’s a willing conduit to various frauds that fund Delhi’s new aristocracy. The reason you see this man hung upside down from his own balcony by his boss, or shot at in the first scene, is because, he unfortunately fell for a girl. She brought him down.He took on a top cabinet minister to rescue her. She's abducted. He's risked everything: his job, his sleep, his security, his life. She’s not even quite in love with him. The girl's in fact holed up in the kidnapper's den with another guy, a rich dude, she prefers to be with! “Aage se, peeche se, dono taraf se lagne ka matlab kya hota hai, aaj mujhe pata chala (What it feels like to be had from both ends, I know now),” the CA admits, and moves his wheels further into the muck. You don’t question obsessions.That's usually true for fun thrillers. This is definitely one of them.
    Showing 1 to 1 of 1

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