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Irrfan Khan shows his softer side

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By: Upala KBR, Mid-Day
Friday, August 25, 2006
Apart from acting in Brad Pitt's production starting in September, Irrfan Khan has just finished shooting for Budhdhi (Intelligence) directed by Kaushik Roy.

The unusual part is that the film is inspired from Kaushik's life. Centred around a mentally-challenged boy, the story deals with the trauma faced by his parents in bringing him up (Roy has a 16-year old mildly autistic child, Roshan (Orko)). Shobhana plays the boy's mother.

Shades of life

Currently, the Roy father-son duo is holding a painting exhibition at the Nehru Centre. Says Irrfan, "Kaushik came to me with the role and I loved it. Budhdhi is a very honest and sincere effort. Parents want their children to be doctors or engineers, but must they force their ideas down their children's throats? Orko is a painter today, encouraged by his parents."

Adds Roy, who has written, directed and produced Budhdhi, "The film is not really based on my son's life but snatches from my personal experiences. The story is fictional as it deals with lots of elements foreign to my life. My subject is parenting and deals with what parents expect their children to do. But children have their own dreams and have the right to follow them."

Different strokes

When did Kaushik notice that Roshan was a talented painter? "We noticed it when Roshan turned 11. From being a child who couldn't hold a pencil in his fingers, he became someone who could draw so well. His style is very original."

In fact, Nita Ambani played a big part in having Roshan hold the exhibition. Adds Roy, "When I told her I was holding an exhibition for myself, she asked me, 'What about your son?' and the idea was born to hold it together."

Budhdhi is complete and will be released mid September. Says Roy, "Irrfan has been a great support and has done a fabulous job. This will be one of his finest performances. It is not his style at all (dark, intense and brooding). Instead, he plays a normal guy with a tremendous sense of humour."

Jugalbandi: Kaushik and Roshan Roy

Kaushik is a self-trained artist. He is an advertising and marketing professional. He comes from a family of filmmakers and creative artists.

Being a photographer, the subject of his paintings deal mostly with human beings and their emotions. Over the years, Roshan displayed his flair with pencil line drawing and specialised in drawing animals. He also paints in acrylic and has a large collection. Their exhibition is currently on at Nehru Centre and will end on August 28.

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