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Niraj reads out Kareenas cards

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Friday, April 21, 2006

Kareena Kapoor had left Rakesh Roshan's Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai for Refugee and Karan Johar's Kal Ho Naa Ho after shooting both the movies for a couple of days. Both movies created history at the box office and Refugee bombed. Now Kareena left Harry Baweja's movie after shooting for a few days. We came to know that Harry Baweja has approached Niraj Mancchanda, the numerologist, tarot, handwriting and signatures specialist to numerologically correct the movie title, company's name, Harman's and his name. According to Niraj, "It's true that we have had a formal meeting. Let things happen and you all will come to know about it".

In March 2005 Kareena Kapoor had consulted Niraj Mancchanda. We got Niraj to analyze Kareena Kapoor's handwriting and signature and to predict about her future.

According to Niraj "Her handwriting reveals that she is a very self centered girl and for her, her own life is more important than anything in the world. She is a hardcore practical girl and has a fixed logical mindset. She will never think anything intuitively. This is why she would always prefer working with established producers and directors. She is an opportunist".

Niraj further adds, "Money and materialistic things excite her. You will always hear her being keen on her price. No one can touch her money without her permission. She is a very blunt person. She would not care about what she would be telling to whom. She has the tendency to tell anybody anything (age no barrier). She has a good taste to things and is also creative. She has a low self esteem but is egoistic. She is also very possessive. Her signature reveals that she is emotionally disturbed. A self reliant person who has the habit of carrying past baggage! For her the Kapoor family is also important but her life comes first. If you look at the signature you will see that the last "R" of "Kapoor" is big. This means that she is disturbed about something connected to a person whose name starts with "R". "

When we enquired about her relationship with Shahid Kapoor Niraj said, "It's a very volatile relationship. A small argument can ruin the relationship but if anything goes wrong then it will be Kareena who will leave Shahid".

So has Kareena done the right thing by leaving Love Story 2050 to do SRK's Time Machine? "I had suggested Kareena to change her spelling to Karrinaa so that her full name would come to number 42 which is the name number of Shah Rukh Khan and vibrates with her. But she insisted that she had been using "Kareena" and did not want to change it. I further told her that if she could add her father's or her mother's initial and use her name as Kareena R Kapoor or Kareena B Kapoor (since B and R have same value), her name would come to number 50 which is also a very strong number and vibrates with her", adds Niraj.

But Kareena has not done any changes as suggested. Niraj finally sums up by saying that "her name comes to number 21 which is very good number, her surname comes to number 27 which is also a very good number. But the total 48 is an average number so her final decisions will always be average. This is why she will choose wrong movies and leave hit movies. If any movie of her becomes hit then she will not get credit for it and this is because her full name comes to number 48. Aitraaz did good business but Priyanka Chopra was appreciated more than Kareena. But because she has two strong numbers (21and 27), therefore she will always make good money even though her films will continue to flop."

So will Harry Bawaja's Love Story 2050 be a superhit! "Let time speak for itself", says Niraj. 

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