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Aamir sweats out for macho look

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By: Upala KBR, Mid-Day
Tuesday, June 19, 2007
Going bald is not the only thing Aamir Khan is doing for A R Murugadass's Hindi remake of Gajini.

Over the last six months, he has also lost 11 kgs to achieve a lean, mean physique for the role. In fact, he is such a perfectionist that he's working to lose half a kilo more to achieve his target weight of 68 kgs.

Currently, Aamir is undergoing rigorous training with fitness instructor Satyajit Desai and has been given a tailor-made diet program by nutrition consultant, Dr Vinod A Dhurandhar.

Says Satyajit, "Aamir wanted a lean, muscled look for his new film, so I designed an exercise program accordingly. Now, people will be stunned to see his six-pack abs!"

Dream physique

Dr Dhurandhar strict diet varies from low carbohydrates and high protein to high carbs and low proteins. Aamir isn't allowed rice or sugar but the diet does include a healthy dose of fruits.

"Fortunately, Aamir doesn't have a sweet tooth. He's very focused and full of energy during his training.

We train daily for three hours between 10 am and 1 pm. I've made a small gym for Aamir in his garage at home. It's fully equipped, but is now getting small, so he is combining another garage to get more space," says Satyajit.

The fitness expert adds that visualising the physique Aamir wants has helped them achieve such amazing results.

"I've asked him to imagine a dream physique and we are reaching there soon. He's also developed great abs and now we're working on getting a chis.

elled six-pack. We started out a year ago, then midway Aamir got busy with Taare Zameen Par and the workouts became sporadic. For the last four months, however, Aamir has been working out reguarly. We started out six days a week but now, we've reduced it to four."

Oldest client

Satya, as he is better known, has been a professional trainer for the last 22 years and Aamir is one of his oldest clients.

"I first met him on the sets of Ishq, but started training him when he was working on Ghulam. At that time, I had two gyms in Nagpur.

Aamir liked my training, knowledge and technique and said it would be easier for him to work out if I was in Mumbai.

In fact, he was the one who inspired me to open my gym Barbarian in Versova. I even trained him for Mangal Pandey. During that time he lost 14 kilos."

Celeb favourite

Satya also trains Hrithik Roshan, Saif Ali Khan, Vivek Oberoi, Ajay Devgan, Zayed Khan, Esha Deol, Manoj Bajpai, Riteish Deshmukh and Anil Ambani.

Aamir's diet

(Aamir's daily intake is broken down into six small meals every two hours)

A small carb meal (banana, apple) before exercises to build energy
Avoids dairy products but can have buttermilk

Food cooked in only 3 tbs of olive oil or saffola

Plenty of fruits and fresh vegetables

Rotis are made of three-grain wheat (jowar, bajra and atta)

Snacks include biscuits, papaya (through the day), brown bread sandwiches

No carbs after 8 pm, but he can have soups or juices

One or two pieces of tandoori chicken for dinner or four egg whites
Can alternate that with vegetable soup, anda bhurji with salads or omlette (only egg whites)

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