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Alternate censor boards of Bollywood

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By: Amjad K. Maruf, IndiaFM
Wednesday, March 28, 2007
Health Minister Ramadoss doesn't want any smoking scenes in movies, Maneka is dead against using animals in movies (even a fleeting scene of an animal on the screen is objected to by PETA!), some don't want kissing scenes in movies, some object to violent scenes in movies, Religious leaders create a ruckus every now and then, Professor Naithani files PIL against TV channels for showing adult movies. And now the State transport chief Shyamsunder Shinde has asked censor board to snip bike-racing and rash-driving scenes from movies because he thinks that many youngsters are imitating the stunts in films like Dhoom that is resulting in rash driving and accidents.

What next? Film stars should not be shown drinking alcohol as such scenes might encourage drinking. Actresses should not be allowed to portray the role of prostitutes/call girls as that will encourage women to take to prostitution. Scenes showing film stars wielding guns should not be shown as this might make people violent. Scenes showing actors misbehaving with parents should be avoided as that will encourage the youth to do the same in real life. Scenes showing lovers eloping should be snipped as that will encourage the youth of India to follow the same route. At this rate filmmakers would find it difficult to make movies. Therefore the sooner these alternate censor boards are told to shut up the better.

Though it is true that people can get encouraged to try out stunt scenes after seeing their favorite star do stunt scenes considering that fans have always imitated the style, mannerisms, and clothes of their idols, it is wrong to think that by banning such scenes will be able to discourage the youth. It's up to the producers to show such scenes in a responsible manner. The unnecessary scenes where bikes and cars are shown flying without any logic and where heroes show off their biking skills to impress girls, etc should not be allowed. For example, the bike racing scene in Deewane Huye Paagal in the climax was just not needed in the context of the scene. Filmmakers should avoid shooting such scenes. But scenes showing police chasing criminals, etc should be allowed. And there should be a disclaimer before a movie starts warning the youth not to imitate the scenes. It would be more helpful if a top star makes the appeal on screen (before the movie starts) instead of just showing a written appeal. The parents should control their children by giving proper education about civic behaviour. Instead of coming up with cosmetic solutions, the government should go to the root of the problems and take strict measures against the erring persons. Make the helmet rule compulsory. Ask the traffic authorities not to take bribes and let off rash drivers easily. Make rash driving a non-bailable offence.

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