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Himesh lies about his 'cap'

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Saturday, June 30, 2007
During an television interview on his film, Aap Ka Suroor a viewer asked Himesh if they will be able to see him in his film without his now 'famous cap'. To which he said "Yes, you will, but don't have much expectation as it will be for just 10 minutes."

Now when we went and caught this movie on the first day, we were very much disappointed with Himesh and his 'topi'. To accommodate the 'topi' the director uses different camera angles. So, that we are able to see his face.

These are the few weird instances where we think the cap was not required. In the jail, while washing his face in the bathroom, while relaxing at night, when he met with an accident, when he is kicked by Raj Babbar and there are many more such instances. We don't know why he wears the cap, but we can't imagine an actor with cap all the time. It's very disturbing and irritating at times. The only time he is without cap is the climax that also not for more than a minute. This is also so beautifully shot that you just get to see his forehead.

We looked forward to see Himesh Reshammiya without cap but it was not so. May be we have to wait for the sequel if he decides to make one to have full view of his mysterious head behind the Cap!

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