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    Jimmy Shergill speaks about his latest

    By Staff

    Courtesy: IndiaFM

    Wednesday, February 21, 2007

    "I am now being asked to do more negative characters", says an elated Jimmy Shergill, who is being inundated with SMSs and phone calls ever since his mean act in just released Eklavya - The Royal Guard met with an all around applause.

    And to think of it, he is the same actor who became famous with Yash Chopra school of films like Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai and Mohabbatein.

    Joginder Tuteja chats up with the ever young actor to know more about what Elavya means to him.

    "But I always wanted to do roles with gray or negative undertones", Jimmy says excitedly, "Thank goodness that Vidhu Vinod Chopra thought of me for the role of Udaywardhan and here I am now."

    He shouldn't be surprised though with all the accolades. After all he would have been expecting this to come his way ever since he shot for the film. "I was expecting a good response but definitely not to this degree", you can sense the honesty in his tone, "We all knew that we were making something very good but the way film is being appreciated and I have also been picked up by critics and audience, my faith in the film has only grown."

    So how was it seeing himself in such a role on the big screen? "It was a unique experience since even I was seeing the film for the first time only during the premier. I may have had limited scenes but I could sense that each of them were integral to the film", he says.

    Like the one featuring him being killed brutally by Amitabh Bachchan that is getting most noticed? "That's true", he laughs, "It was indeed chilling, what with VVC bringing his cinematic brilliance by making the screen go blank for almost an eternity".

    View Eklavya - The Royal Guard Movie StillsDoesn't he feel that the film was a little rushed in the end? The first half seemed much better than the second. "See, the first half was required to establish the characters hence you get caught by the narrative and feel it to be of good duration", he explains, "but later once the basic job is done, the drama keeps unfolding at a rapid pace due to which you may feel that the end is rushed up or the second half is too small."

    Everyone seems to be complaining that there is too less of anyone other than Big B and perhaps to an extent Saif. "But then why is anyone surprised", he questions back, "It was always meant to be Mr. Bachchan's film and hence everyone from Sanju baba to Jaguu dada to myself were supposed to enact only a few scenes. If you look from a critics point of view you may feel that the roles are just adequate but yes as an audience you may want a little more of your favorite star."

    Coming back to the topic that started the conversation. Did he intend to play more and more negative characters now? "Anything which is interesting", he says firmly, "If you look at my films in recent past, I see Onir directed Bas Ek Pal as the film where for the first time I went gray. Why just me? Everyone in the film was gray there. Now that's interesting since the good phase in the Hindi film industry allows you to play a gamut of characters."

    And which are the films coming up for him where he has interesting characters to play? "Watch out for RAQEEB", he says excitedly, "that is one seeti-maar role I am playing. I always wanted to be seen in a massy role and used to say to myself ki yaar ek massy role mil jaaye. Now RAQEEB gives me that opportunity."

    View Delhi Heights Movie StillsWhat else is coming up apart from RAQEEB? "Delhi Heights is round the corner for which I have been getting wonderful feelers. Everyone I speak to tells me that what sets the film apart are the fresh vibes it generates. It is a simple film with several light hearted moments that would keep you delighted. The film arrives on March 09 and you should see a splurge in promotion around this weekend. Then there is Strangers where again I have a gray role with Kay Kay Menon in the film too. Chodo Na Yaar is an adventure about this film maker who goes into a jungle with his friends while Victoria No. 203 is a breezy entertainer coming in soon. So yes, there is a lot of good stuff happening", he concludes.

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