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Kangna's got serious issues

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Friday, June 08, 2007
Actress Kangana Ranaut was recently labeled by many producers and directors as developing a major attitude after her first film Gangster received a good response.

The actress though has faced many problems and claims that she does not have an attitude problem, but was forced to adopt a hard stance when not given her dues. After her recent spate of personal problems with actor Aditya Panscholi, the actress recently found herself in a new mess. Kangana claimed that organizers of live performances tried to take her for a ride by not paying her dues.

When asked Kangana says, "This was one of the worst organized events; all of us were not paid. I put my foot down when they said that the amount will be given to me after the show. I refused to get out of my hotel room until I was paid. They finally paid the money to my manager but later took their revenge."

After Kangana finished her performance she was surprised that she was asked to clear her own hotel, accommodation, food and phone bills. The actress' manager tried to intervene and tell the hotel authorities that the organizers should pay up for such things, however, it was no use and ultimately Kangana had to shell out the huge amount.

Other Bollywood actresses like Neha Dhupia and Bipasha Basu were also part of the event. However, Bips's problems were solved as she was very clear in her written contract. Bips is sympathetic towards Kangana and says, "There were some problems and I did see Kangana facing problems. She needs to get everything on a proper contract beforehand."

Well Kangana needs to get savvy if she wants to make it in this ruthless cutthroat film industry!

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