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Randeep gets erotic in his first music video

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By: Subhash K. Jha, IndiaFM
Tuesday, January 30, 2007
It was meant to be absolutely hush-hush. However the sizzling music video featuring Randeep Hooda that was shot this week on Arnala Beach is the talk of the town. Apparently the vibes between Randeep and his co-star Shahana scorched up the entire beach.

The song choreographed by Marlon Rodriguez has Randeep revealing more of himself than ever before.

"I've never shot without my shirt before," Randeep reveals shyly. "But that's because there has been no occasion to do so. This is my first video and we did need a hot look for it. I'm not the least conscious of my body. If the need arises I can whip off my clothes for a role. But the provocation has to be creativity, not sensationalism."

On the beach in front of numerous hawkers Randeep and Shahana get seriously romantic. "But it's just for the camera. And that's where all my ability to project romance will remain for now. "Randeep reveals shyly."I'm in no frame of mind to get involved with anyone. I keep reading articles where journalists take decisions for my life. But the fact is, I'm not seeing anyone."

About his first brush with doing a music video, "I love the music-video format. I haven't done any singing on screen yet, though I did dance and lip sync in Monsoon Wedding. But after that I've been too traumatized in all my roles to have a song on my lip. This music video lets me take off my shirt and just go wild. I need to have the element of masti in my life now."

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