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Sanjay dedicates film to his ex-wife

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By: Subhash K. Jha, IndiaFM
Monday, May 07, 2007
Although Sanjay Gupta's wife Anu left him three years ago the prolific filmmaker continues to miss her presence in life.

Just how much she means to his life is proven by the fact that Gupta has decided to dedicate one of his forthcoming films to his former wife.

Confesses Gupta, "Yes I'm dedicating my short film Gubbare to my ex-wife. It's a story about love, life and loss. And I instinctively thought of her when I made it."

In Sanjay Gupta's short film Nana Patekar plays a man on a bus who brings together a young squabbling couple. The film's title comes from the balloons that Nana's character carries on the bus, supposedly for his own beloved.

After a special screening of Gubbare, everyone including Gupta and Patekar broke down. Perhaps one area of empathy between the director and his principal actor is their marital status. Both Gupta and Patekar are left without their wives, but continue to depend emotionally on their estranged soul mate.

Says Gupta, "You're right. My wife is my best friend. And so is Nana's. You've to see him in Gubbare to know how much of his emotions he invests in this role of a man who believes love is the only reason to live. It's Nana's best performance to date."

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