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Aamir feels at home only at home

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Aamir Khan left for the US after moving the whole country with his six-pack look in Ghajini. He may look tough in the promo of the film but he is soft at heart. He is one guy who feels at home only at home. Yes, he wrote in his blog that he can't stay abroad for long due to homesick.

This is what he wrote in his blog: "On my way back to Bombay. L.A. was good but it's always so good to head back home. I'm one of those people who gets homesick really fast, especially when I am traveling outside of India. Within a week I lose my humour, after two I start getting depressed and by the end of the third week I start weeping when I see soppy television ads."

The actor also wrote about his unusual attraction for unusual stuffs selling on American television. "It's amazing how I am such a sucker for all the most inane products which finally I'll probably never use. Thankfully better sense prevails just before I place the order. Like this time I saw this ad for an amazing absorbing material. It looks like a piece of cloth but is made of some magic material which just soaks up any liquid which may have spilled. Every time that ad came on I was riveted. Took down the number to call and everything but I realised that my trip was too short for the order to reach me. Then there was this amazing pull-ups bar which fits on to any doorway and is great for a workout without going to a gym. And then there was this ad for Timeless Romantic Tunes played on the piano by this pianist called Beegie Adair. It sounded so good, and its Kiran's birthday on the 7th so I thought it would make a great gift. But it would never have reached me on time. Well it's the thought that counts, so K should be happy," he wrote.

Aamir seems to follow the recently US Presidential elections closely. He is happy that Barack Obama has been elected the 44th American President. This is what he wrote in his blog: "My congratulations to the people of the US, this is their victory as much as Obama's. Well now his work really begins, time for him to fulfil all his promises. Quite a soap opera though."

Now, let's see how the story ends!



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