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mani ratnam makes Abhishek loose weight

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Abhishek Bachchan believes in putting on or losing weight as the character demands. Talking about it, Abhishek says, "Actors are doing one film at a time, they are willing to jump into the character, look the part and if required to be very fit, they do that. I put on weight for Guru as that was the character's requirement. Now for the film I am shooting with Mani, he needed me to be lean so I lost weight for it. Tomorrow, if there's a film where someone wants me to look fit and show my abs, I will get into shape for it."

Abhishek is following a strict diet and exercise regime for the film. He says, "I think in order to be fit, you need to work out. I have always had a trainer and he's helping me stay in shape. I am following a certain diet too." But it's not a high-protein diet. According to Abhishek, "A high-protein diet is a rubbish diet. I eat normal food but in controlled amounts. I eat lots of meals, every two to three hours but nothing drastic because I am not looking to put on bulk as of now. I need to lean down."

We have never seen Abhishek with six-pack abs. "Well, somebody's got to be different and stand out in the crowd. I have never been asked for that kind of a requirement in my films. When everybody was getting six-pack abs I was building a one-pack abs for Guru. I went the completely opposite way and put on weight. But that was the film I was doing at that point of time."

Adds Abhishek, "In fact, when we were shooting in the jungles of Kerala,for Mani's film there was a gym and a hotel, where we all worked out together."

People are speculating that mani ratnam's film is either a modern-day Ramayana or a story about a band of outlaws defining their own territory and running it as they want. "There is a lot of speculation which unfortunately, I can't put to rest as I am not allowed to talk about the film. Mani asked us to finish the film and then start speaking on it. When you see the trailers, you will know what the film is about."

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