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Big B comments puts Arjun on cloud nine

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Arjun Rampal
Arjun Rampal is known to be a man of few words and keeps his emotions in check but when Amitabh Bachchan spoke a few words about him during the Kolkata premiere of The Last Lear, the actor couldn't hold back his tears. Says a source close to Arjun, "Amitabh's speech on Arjun was so touching that he got all choked with emotion. The Big B remarked that he'd worked with Arjun from Aankhen to The Last Lear and had seen him work very hard and grow as an actor. He added that he has seen Arjun go through so much and never give up hope.

Adding that he was a pleasure to work with and called him 'a real rockstar' (referring his recent hit Rock On!!)" Amitji also said that Arjun has got adulation and success today and it's much deserved and was long overdue to him.

This isn't the first time Bachchan has appreciated Rampal. After his performance in Om Shanti Om, Amitabh hugged Arjun and had predicted that his life was going to change. Arjun says, "I was taken totally aback by Amitji's words. We've grown up on his films and such praise from him will always remain an unforgettable experience! I felt so choked that if he had spoken one more sentence, I would have started bawling like a baby in front of the entire media there. I get emotional about people who are close to my heart but this came out of nowhere and I was like, 'Wow! Don't wake me up from this dream.' "

Arjun plays an eccentric and passionate filmmaker in The Last Lear, "I am proud to be part of such a film. Though Preity, Mr Bachchan and I were all commercial actors, none of us thought of anything but making it a great film. "

Arjun says two of his favourite scenes in the film are with Bachchan. "One is where we meet for the first time and he gives a Shakespearean speech and the other is the confrontational one in the climax. The Last Lear is a very special film for me. I went all out without thinking what the film would do for me commercially. The most memorable thing was working with Amitji. He realises the effect he has on people but he makes everyone comfortable and encourages everyone to do their best."

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