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Amrita Rao tells everything about Shaurya

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Amrita Rao
Shaurya differs for all of us, but it essentially is everything which requires us to show a certain amount of resolve and courage... whether it is something as noble as fighting for the rights of people or something as seemingly trivial as not saying 'I told you so' in a fight.

Shaurya is not a large sounding word or a concept. Shaurya is what we encounter every single day. It comes into play in the choices we make as we lead our daily lives. Should I jump the red light because I'm late for a shoot? Should I turn a blind eye to an accident victim on the road? Should I lie my way out of an obligation to a producer? Should I forget to call my sick aunt again today?

Right choice versus wrong choice. That is Shaurya, put very simply.

Shaurya to me, also means combating fear.

Fear, whether it's something as small as the fear of sleeping alone in a room or fear of what people will say or think about you. Fear of failure or Fear of standing by righteousness as it isn't in ones own interest. I feel that it is in these little things, these little conquests of our fears that lay our Shaurya.

To me, Shaurya is a quality that is synonymous to selflessness because a man's courage is always tested when it comes to doing things for others, whether his family, his society or his country.

Are we capable of looking beyond our own self interest and doing things for others?

Let's face it. You and I are not a Mahatma Gandhi or a Martin Luther King. We are not brave and selfless and courageous in the larger sense of the word. What we have, are our own small fears to combat, our own self imposed thresholds to cross and our own little parts to play... and as long as we do the little we can, we should be headed the right way.

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