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Chunky wants to go under the knife

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Chunky Pandey
Chunky Pandey, who is seen on Star One's Zara Nachke Dikha, is looking different these days. His face is looking more taut and tanned.

Swim fan

On the show, there are many tight close-ups of Chunky's face and his skin looks visibly stretched. The bags under his eyes have also greatly reduced giving rise to speculation that Chunky has had help from a cosmetic surgeon.

However the actor-cum-host says, "I haven't gone in for plastic surgery yet. My face looks tanned and taut because I have been swimming under the sun at Otters Club every day. I have also lost a lot of weight. But I want to do plastic surgery. I hope to get it done next year."

Bye-bye puffy eyes

Chunky adds that the one thing he would like changed first are the bags under his eyes. "I have had those bags ever since I joined films and they make my eyes look puffy. Everything else is perfect! Mujhe naak nahi katwani hai. Neither do I need any breast implants as I am on the other side of the fence. Today you see so many lady-boys in Bangkok roaming the streets where they have even removed their Adam's apple through surgery to look like girls. That's tampering with nature but I feel if one needs to do little things to look good as we are in the looks business, then one shouldn't hesitate to do plastic surgery."

No wrinkles, please

Another thing on Chunky's wishlist is removing wrinkles. He says, "I would like to go for a collagen or boot injection or facial surgery but I am scared of anesthesia. I have heard so many people who have done it and look so good. It's an advantage to do plastic surgery. Maybe I should ask Koena what to do?"

Ageing, stay away!

Chunky says he eats and drinks to keep ageing at bay. "I drink many cups of green tea, 12 oranges in a day and lots of salmon. They are all food with anti-oxidants," says the actor who will next be seen in Sankat City, Daddy Cool, Shortcut, Hello Darling, Paying Guest and Khalbali Re Khalbali.

Baal baal bachna

On an upcoming episode of Zara Nachke Dikha, co-judge Malaika Arora kept making fun of Chunky and insisted he was wearing a wig. In an impromptu move, she pulled at his hair to prove her point. She tore off a few strands leaving Chunky fuming.

Chunky says, "Everyone on the sets including the guests, Deepika Padukone, Minissha Lamba and Ranbir Kapoor and my co-judge Malaika thought I was wearing a wig. Malaika wanted to clarify with the guests so she suddenly yanked my hair and because she's so strong a tuft of hair came out. I saw red for a moment! I wish Malaika had warned me before so I'd be prepared."

Malaika adds, "There was too much speculation on the sets and everyone kept asking me. I know Chunky for years and never knew he wore a wig. I couldn't bear it any more and grabbed his hair. When it didn't come off I realised that it was his real hair."

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