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Deepika reveals it all

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Deepika Padukone
Two films. Two hits. And Deepika Padukone is comfortably placed amongst one of the top choices for a heroine when it comes to mainstream Bollywood cinema. No wonder, she finds herself on the hot seat as Sajid Khan chats up with her on 'Sajid Superstars'.

Find her smiling and blushing for almost an entire episode as she charms one and all while facing the most scandalous and tricky questions. Example? On being asked to choose her favourite actor between Shahrukh Khan and Akshay Kumar, she replied - 'When Shahrukh Khan acts, the nation rocks with him. And when Akshay acts, he rocks the nation'. A reply that prompted Sajid to insist that she join the politics.

Deepika tells facts about herself as a kid. Apparently, she took badminton quite seriously in her growing up years and was amongst the Top-3 in her state (Karnataka) when she was 15-16 years old. Even today, she maintains that given a situation, she can give quite a few a run for their money if asked to step on the badminton court. Just the right reason for Sajid to hand her over a shuttle-cock as a gift.

The world is aware about her alleged involvement with Yuvraj Singh. Hence, it was inevitable that she was thrown a query about his presence at her birthday party. Deepika's reply? 'Well, he is a friend and was there having dinner with us. Period.'

Before being paired with Shahrukh Khan in Om Shanti Om, Deepika had made her small screen debut with Himesh Reshammiya. Remember the video? Sajid plays it for the audience in the show.

Meanwhile she appears to be quite confident about one of her upcoming films about which she is confident that it would be the biggest hit of 2009. The film has Akshay Kumar as her co-star and is titled Housefull. The director? Sajid Khan himself.

Remembering her growing up years, Deepika confesses that she had a huge crush on Arjun Rampal. Apparently, the man was understandably embarrassed when Deepika told him the same during the shooting of Om Shanti Om. However, currently she is all loyal and committed to Ranbir Kapoor and admits that she belongs to the 'pati parmeshwar' variety who would love to see herself married to him 10 years down the line with number of kids around her.

There was some fun in store though when she got into 'How well do you know Ranbir' round. When asked about Ranbir's stint as an assistant director in his early years, Deepika was confident that Black was the first film where he assisted Sanjay Leela Bhansali. However, that is not the case since years back; Ranbir had started his career with a different director. Any guesses?

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