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harikrishna DVD for special people

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Still from harikrishna
Filmmakers these days try each and every trick in the book to get maximum audiences to see their films. Now Mirchi Movies, the makers of the children's flick harikrishna - A Comedy of Terrors, is doing something which has not yet been attempted in India before. For their upcoming film, the makers have decided to release the film not just in the theatres but also in Audio form in a special DVD which will benefit visually impaired people.

With some amount of special work done on the sound mixing of the film, the DVD will enable even blind people to get the full experience of watching the film (including narrations of what is happening during scenes in which there is just plain silence). harikrishna- A Comedy of Terrors thus becomes the first film to be converted into an audio form especially for visually impaired people.

This move by the makers of harikrishna- A Comedy of Terrors is bound to bring joy and delight to countless sightless children.

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