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Jaya Bachchan becomes techno savvy

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Jaya Bachchan
We've seen Amitabh Bachchan checking his mails in between shots on his laptop, now his wife Jaya is doing it too. The actress and MP not only checks her mails but plays computer games in between shots.

The director of Lovesongs: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, Jayabrato Chatter-jee tells us more about the new cyber addict, "Jayadi carries a Sony laptop with her everywhere. She is a Rajya Sabha member and keeps travelling to many places.

She is very cyber savvy and regularly checks her mails. She likes to catch up on the news, surf and play computer games while the shot is getting ready. We were surprised to see her so net-savvy.

When we asked her to reveal the secret behind her computer knowledge, she said she learnt it from her grandchildren, Agastya and Navya Naveli who always end up beating her at the games. She said they keep telling her, 'Oh naani, you're useless at playing' so she has to keep abreast of the games."

The director reveals that Mrs B's laptop is quite complicated but she seems comfortable with all the programs, "During shoots, Jayadi would most often play Solitaire with the cast with even Om Puri sometimes joining her." He calls working with JB a great experience, "She's such a fine artiste and gives herself so completely to her role."

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